#Fearless4Friday: Attacking Wedding Planning Like a PR Pro

When my colleague suggested I write this post, I chuckled a bit. How do I balance planning a wedding with maintaining my rigorous work schedule? Hmmm… key word, BALANCE.

I found myself pondering, “Does balance even exist?” “What does it mean to be balanced?” “Have I even achieved balance?” And the truth I uncovered is that balance is completely subjective. It’s how we choose to define it. It doesn’t mean having to split your life 50/50 between personal and professional needs, or toggling between a perfect 33.3 percent division of work, family, and self. It’s all in how we, as individuals, choose to define it. So in that case, I guess I am “balanced.”

But let’s be honest, planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and one that affects many PR pros, but somehow planning a work event can feel like a cakewalk compared to planning your own wedding! It requires a lot of time, effort, and communication … with a lot of people. Planning events is something that’s become a part of my DNA and something I’m incredibly passionate about. So, luckily I was able to  parlay some of my “work tools” it into my wedding preparation.


  1. Start the planning process early. Time allows you the flexibility to get things done so you don’t feel overwhelmed or rushed. And it’s especially helpful in the times where a work fire drill pops up and steals you away from your personal life. If you’re a little “Type A” like me, you might even build out a wedding work back schedule to keep you accountable in order to get things completed by key dates (ah, the PR girl in me!).
  2. Assemble a team. At work, you are only as strong as the team around you. You can’t rely solely on yourself to get everything done and expect it to go flawlessly. Just as you would enlist your colleagues and vendors, do the same with people you trust—family and friends—in helping you build out your special day.
  3. Take a “time out” with your fiancé. Even during the days before you were engaged, you acknowledged how important it was to pause from the stress of work and life to enjoy each other. Adding a wedding into the mix makes this all the more important. Boycott the wedding chit-chat and work stress for day, and do something that clears your mind and helps you focus on your relationship. After all, love and laughter is what life is about.
  4. Breathe. Your wedding is one of the most special moments in your life, and you should take time to relish not just in that one day, but in the entire process. Sure, it may mean sneaking a few emails during the work day to coordinate tastings with the caterer, or having to dip out of the office a bit early to get fitted for your dress, but you should never feel like you have to choose between your job and your wedding.