Fearless @ Rutgers University

What does being fearless mean to you? How would you define fearless leadership?

These were questions asked by students attending Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration during a panel discussion with Zeno Group Employees. Led by our very own Barby Siegel, the students were highly engaged and interested in learning about how they can lead fearlessly in various career industries, how leaders inspire their teams to get involved, and how they can unlock their own fearless spirit. Rutgers University extended the panel discussion invitation to Zeno Group after reading the fifth edition of The Leadership Challenge written by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. This best-selling classic is the source for becoming a better leader, proving how leadership is a relationship that must be nurtured, and most importantly, can be learned. The first chapter of the book discusses how Barby barrowed the word fearless from her teenage daughter to serve as the mantra and attitude for Zeno Group.

Fearless Rutgers Students with Zeno Group Panelists

When we were asked to share what fearlessness means to us and where it came from, here’s what the Zeno Group panelists had to say:

  • Barby Siegel, CEO: Fearless is a mindset. It’s a lens through which to look at the world and yes it is attainable, even as you complete your studies and begin your careers.”
  • Grant Deady, Chief Cultural Officer & Managing Director of Zeno Chicago: “I remember when my mom dropped me off for school for the first time, she actually went inside the bursar’s office and paid cash for my first semester of school. That was a moment that I’ll never forget and that brought a seriousness to me at the time about what I needed to accomplish and what I needed to do to work hard to have a job like I do today.”
  • Ame Wadler, Global Managing Director of Health: “Being fearless is a little uncomfortable sometimes. It makes you catch your breath, it gives you that pit in your stomach. Being like, this is what I should be doing and knowing that you are about to do something really scary to you actually is when you know that you’re growing.”
  • Toneisha Friday, Account Supervisor in Digital Engagement: “Fearlessness to me is an attitude. It’s part of my personality now, that means thinking of the box, being creative and not being afraid to raise your hand and think about an idea that it’s different.” 

We were so honored to have spent time sharing our thoughts, ideas and our own fearless moments. We look forward to more panel discussions like these providing leaders of the future with valuable insight and fueling their fearless power. So tell us…what does being fearless mean to you?