Spring Clean Your Routine for World Health Day

World Health Day is April 7, and this year’s theme, “Small bite, big threat”, is raising awareness of diseases caused by vectors (mosquitos, sandflies and ticks). Similarly (sort of, but not really), we’re sharing “small steps, big benefits” in honor of this day.

These small steps can help make your work days healthier and happier. And with this year’s tardy spring, it’s time to finally enjoy the big health benefits that spring inspires!

Spring Clean Your Surroundings

Tackle the clutter that has built up during the cold winter months! Be sure to:

  • Re-organize your workspace. Spring is in full swing and it’s time to eliminate the chaos. So whip out the color-coded tabs, re-up your paperclip supply, file those scattered papers, move those empty boxes, take home the sweaters at your desk, arrange your computer/phone cords and rip down the old Post-it notes you no longer need.
  • Sanitize your desk. Now that the clutter is minimized, take this opportunity to clean your workspace. Dust all surfaces, wipe down your desk and phone, and clean the gunk out of your keyboard (you know it’s there!). As a bonus, add new decorations to brighten up your mood on a rough day!

Spring Clean Your Routine: Eat Smart and Be Practical

With a desk job, it’s hard to exercise during the day and easy to mindlessly snack. Fight the urge and:

  • Plan ahead. Pack a healthy lunch that travels well during your commute. A well-balanced meal could include: a special sandwich/entree, a nutrient-rich side (fruits, veggies, salad) and a sweet or crunchy snack (pretzels, nuts, trail mix, yogurt). Buy a practical lunch bag and Tupperware to get the process started.
  • Keep healthy food at work. Pick up your favorite food at a grocery store or farmer’s market near the office. Some healthy, satisfying snack options include apples, oranges, bananas, carrots and hummus. As a bonus, buy produce that is season-specific as inspiration for creative new snacks.
  • Eat lunch outside. Soak up that Vitamin D!

Spring Into Action

Get it? It’s been a long, cold winter, so take advantage of what Spring has to offer:

  • Run errands near the office. Whether it’s the pharmacy, post office or dry cleaner, give yourself a productive excuse to walk outside.
  • Enjoy team sports. Join an intramural team, sign up for a fitness class or gather co-workers for sports in the park.
  • Take advantage of sun-filled evenings. With more evening sunlight, plan fun outdoor activities with friends on a weeknight. Learn a new sport or visit restaurants with outdoor seating.
  • Plan a fun outing or a relaxing day in. Here at Zeno Group, employees have the opportunity to participate in a wellness program called ZenoFit. The program gives employees $60 per month to enjoy their favorite activities. These include purchasing of books, movies, dinner, spa day, or sporting activity.