Zenoids Doing Good: Giving Back to the London Farm Community

In the world of PR, pigs, horses, turkeys and alpacas (alive and kicking!) are not an everyday sight. For the Zeno UK team however, these creatures became part of their lives after volunteering their time Deen City Farm in London.

Surrounded by the concrete jungle, Deen City Farm is a charitable farm that exists on donations and a tireless team of volunteers and aims at enriching the lives of others through rural learning in a local urban environment. 

 New flowers purchased with the Zeno donation

City farms make considerable contributions to communities in London by reconnecting all types of people with nature and promoting environmental challenges like recycling and the regeneration of wildlife. Farmyard residents, riding schools and landscaped gardens provide opportunities for education and exercise in an alternative outdoor setting. City farms act as an open window to the wider UK countryside for those that don’t often get to leave the city.  


 One of three stone walls built by Zeno.

Through physical hard work, a willingness to get stuck in and a renewed outlook on the city, the Zeno Green Machine team transformed the Growing Gardens with new flower beds, homes for vegetables, new hedgerows and three walls crafted by hand from recycled brick and stone. We also fed the farmyard residence and had a fearless standoff with a goat to get a little closer to some new additions.

    (L to R) – Hannah Williams, Sasha Manners, Steve Earl, Lauren Willmott, Dominique King, Liz Hebditch, Linda Sciancalepore and Miranda Chyzowsky 

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